Fifth District Congressional candidate state Sen. Sam Caligiuri has been positioning himself as probably the most conservative candidate on any ballot in Connecticut in this election cycle. But in an appearance on FOX-61’s “The Real Story” hosted by Laurie Perez Sunday, Caligiuri backed off his conservatism as it pertains to the controversial Arizona immigration law.

Caligiuri has trumpeted his support for the Arizona law as he campaigns for the chance to try to unseat popular Democratic incumbent Chris Murphy. And he’s taken some heat for it. But on TV, when Perez asked him if he would call on state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to join some other attorneys general across the nation in supporting the Arizona law, Caligiuri begged off. Could he have been worried about appearing too conservative for a broader, blue-state audience? Possibly. He has no such hesitation when campaigning in front of small, conservative groups.

Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Nancy Wyman took her fellow Democrats to task by criticizing recent state budgets (including the current one) that rely on one-shot revenues to balance.

Wyman, the state comptroller, is viewed as a valuable asset to running mate Dan Malloy for her financial expertise. But on TRS with Perez, she strongly criticized state budgets that rely on one-shot funding sources for on-going programs. By extension, she was criticizing the Democratic majorities in the legislature who have been using one-shots for years.