Pelto Would Help Elect a Republican Governor if he can Stick it to Malloy

News that union stooge Jonathan Pelto might run for governor is not really all that surprising. Pelto will do anything—even help elect a Republican governor—if he can stick it to Gov. Dannel Malloy.

Pelto is teasing out a possible gubernatorial run with the hint that the Working Families Party (WFP) might endorse him. That in and of itself is not significant although the WFP adds important elements to the political discourse in the state. Fortunately, Pelto less than zero chance of becoming governor. But the possibility that a WFP endorsement can pick off votes from Malloy is real.

Pelto’s blog is nothing more than a hate space for Malloy particularly on education reform. Malloy is looking to fix a broken public education system. Pelto is hell-bent on defending the status quo with its deplorable dropout rate and the worst achievement gap in the nation. He flames Malloy every chance he gets and as long as his union people are happy, he’s happy, never mind the students who suffer. Even when a poll shows overwhelming support for Malloy’s reforms, Pelto counters with absolute nonsense.

The facts are Republican Tom Foley got more votes on the Republican line of the ballot in 2010 than Malloy got on the Democratic line. But Malloy was also on the WFP line where he picked up more than 25,000 votes to eke out a 6,000 vote victory. Now, there is no way to tell how many of that 25,000 would have voted for Malloy if there was no WFP endorsement or how many would have simply stayed home. But if the WFP did endorse Pelto, it can only hurt Malloy which is his only objective.

The Shad has several times provided the explanation for Pelto’s negative obsession with Malloy. The blog alludes to it, “Malloy political operatives [contend] that Pelto’s on a liberal jihad because he was not brought in as a player at Malloy’s strategic table.” How right OIB author Lennie Grimaldi is.

This is what The Hanging Shad said back in August of 2011: “Pelto’s unremitting disparagement of Malloy dates back to when he was snubbed for any role in the newly elected governor’s transition team and then being summarily dismissed by the new governor’s top guy. Back in December of 2010, as Malloy was assembling his transition team, Pelto was all but lobbying for a role. He didn’t get one. And to add insult to injury two Republicans did gets roles. That sent Pelto over the edge. When he criticized the governor for picking two Republicans for the team, top Malloy advisor Roy Occhiogrosso slapped him away like an annoying mosquito.

“‘No one cares what Jonathan Pelto thinks,’” Occhiogrosso at the time. ‘He posts some comment on Facebook. Who cares? If some guy in the Midwest posts something about the Malloy transition team on Facebook, is that newsworthy? The fact that he’s reduced to making comments on his Facebook page proves his status in the Democratic Party.’”

In the case of Pelto possibly challenging Malloy in a primary or as a third party candidate, the danger is real. The bottom line is Pelto is fine with a Republican governor who would decimate the ranks of hands that feed him—unions—if he can sabotage Malloy along the way.

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