Members of the 55,000 person-strong Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Connecticut State Council are endorsing Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman as the Democratic party’s nominees for governor and lieutenant governor. Delegates representing the coalition’s six affiliates voted to throw the full weight of the state’s largest and one of its most politically active labor unions behind the Malloy-Wyman ticket for the August 10th primary against Ned Lamont and Mary Glassman.

Interestingly, the union’s news release on the endorsement put it in gambling terms saying they “are all in” for Malloy-Wyman. Four of the six individual SEUI unions previously announced support for Malloy. Now it’s six for six.

Lamont tells the Hartford Courant’s Capitol Watch website that regarding the endorsement, “They tell me Dan crosses every ‘t’ and dots every ‘i’’ and ‘tells us everything we want to hear.’ There’s no question about it. I can’t out-promise Dan Malloy. I can’t meet every promise down the line. … I make promises I can keep.”

Union backing is critical in a Democratic primary. The vote by the delegates to the state council of SEIU sets considerable combined member mobilization efforts in motion for an election that observers are predicting will go down to the wire. The locals that had already launched internal “get out the vote” drives will be integrated into a comprehensive campaign of phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, and literature mailing to union households over the next three weeks, according to the union’s news release.