Democratic US Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal wants a regulatory board to hold off on issuing a broad, five-year ban on lobster fishing. The attorney general says such a ban could devastate commercial lobster fisherman, wholesalers and retailers in the state.

The American Lobster Management Board is meeting today to consider the moratorium on all lobster fishing south of Cape Cod, including Long Island Sound, after a recent report by the board’s Technical Committee revealed that the region’s lobster population has been “critically depleted.”
Blumenthal, in a news release, said the committee’s own report concludes that increased water temperature — not lobster harvesting — is the primary factor in stock reduction.

Blumenthal said other measures can be taken short of a complete ban, including programs to reduce the catch of egg-bearing female lobsters, establishing no-harvest areas and other possible alternatives that may bolster the lobster population.

The potential lobster fishing ban is the latest environmental issue to be brought forward by Blumenthal. He recently came out against building any sort of wind farm on Long Island Sound. The windmill-like turbines could provide a renewable, clean energy alternative to fossil fuels but are opposed by self-proclaimed environmentalists mostly because they may ruin the view of the water.

The same debate raged in Massachusetts for years. Approval by the federal government has been given for a wind farm in ocean waters around Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket but the fight continues. It’s the epitome of Not in My Back Yard. No to fossil fuel (and the terrorist-sponsoring nations that sell it); no to new nuclear facilities; no to “clean coal”; and yet still “no” to wind power. Curious.