At Least They’re No Longer Pretending; Pelto, Foley (and Healy) All Know a Vote for Pelto is a Vote for Foley

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News of last week that potential independent candidate for governor Jonathan Pelto and all-but-sure Republican nominee Tom Foley are on the same page as far as the election goes finally lays to rest any question they have one thing in common—they both want Gov. Dannel Malloy out of office. Foley because he wants to be governor; Pelto because he doesn’t care if Foley is governor as long as Malloy is out.

That last part should be a wake-up slap in the head to any Democrat, liberal or independent who is thinking of voting for the pathological grudge-holding Pelto. He was once a player in Democratic politics but now he is yesterday’s news. That doesn’t sit well with him as he fires off blog post after blog post slamming Malloy for anything and everything. Pelto just can’t get over it.

Combine Pelto’s myopic pursuit of Malloy and his obstruction of the governor’s drive to reform education and you have a third-party candidate who would gladly accept a union-busting Republican as the next governor. Pelto is clearly defending the status quo in education even though Connecticut has the largest achievement gap in the country and still has a pretty sorry dropout rate. But Pelto knows where his bread is buttered. He puts teachers unions and maintaining their current system of evaluation ahead of what’s good for the kids. (In a recent post, I called Pelto “a union stooge.” He seems to take a certain delight in repeating that label)

Foley has gone so far as to somewhat court potential Pelto backers. The Hartford Courant’s excellent Capitol Watch reports, “Conservative Republican Tom Foley and liberal Democrat Jonathan Pelto would not seem to have much in common, but Foley says he sees a common bond between them.” Foley goes on to say that he and Pelto want the same thing for education. That’s total nonsense. Pelto wants to throw money at failing schools and Foley would likely try to blow up the teachers union, the same groups that keep Pelto afloat. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Any doubts Pelto welcomes a Republican governor if it’s at the expense of Malloy were put to rest when it was revealed that former state Republican Chairman Chris Healy is working to get Pelto on the ballot and is not shy about saying why. “Republicans, one of the ways we can help our Gubernatorial candidate is if we bleed votes from Malloy,” Healy wrote in an email to Republicans and revealed by CT Mirrior. “To that end, if anyone is comfortable, I have a petition to get Jonathan Pelto on the ballot. He will only hurt Malloy…” The only difference between Pelto and Healey here is that Healey is telling the truth.

The Shad had written in this space recently that the biggest lie in the 2014 election cycle may already have been uttered when Pelto said “I’m not here to be a spoiler.” Competing with that prevarication now is Pelto’s claim that he didn’t know Healy was circulating a petition to get him on the ballot. Pelto handed Healy the petition. What did he think he was going to do with it, practice his origami?

I will say this, with “truther” Republican Martha Dean out of the race, and Democratic anti-Semite Lee Whitnum spending her time getting tossed in the clink after an argument over whose turn it was at a Judicial library printer (or some such profile in courage), only Pelto remains as a source of intrigue and humor. I’ll take it.

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