15-Month Old Child Left Unattended in Car Dies in Ridgefield

A 15-month old child who was left in a car “for an extended period of time” was found Monday in Ridgefield, Conn. according to Ridgefield police. Few details are available and the cause of death has yet to be determined. The child was rushed to Danbury Hospital but had been dead for some time according to sources.

Stop the madness.

Just this morning, Connecticut State Police issued a news release warning of the dangers of leaving a child in a car attended, particularly in warm weather. “In 2013, 44 children nationwide died due to automobile heat-related deaths. Since 1998, more than 500 children have died from hyperthermia after being in a hot automobile. These figures include those children left unattended and those who entered parked cars to play. These numbers are troublesome because they represent deaths of babies, toddlers, and young children and these deaths are completely preventable.

“Fifteen children have died to date in 2014 across the country,” state police say.

National attention has focused in recent days on the case of a 22-month old Georgia boy who died after being left in a sweltering car by his father. Thirty three-year old Ross Harris faces murder and child cruelty charges.