Forget the Naysayers, Exciting Election Season Ahead

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After an extended break for personal and family health issues, The Shad hangs again.

The only real theme emerging from this summertime-diluted election season is that the analysts seem bored with it all. Maybe it’s time for some of them to do something else. The truth is there are plenty of plots and subplots that will quickly emerge once people have packed away the beach chairs.

So let’s catch up:
• Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley’s secret weapon may very well be former Groton Mayor Heather Somers (because he certainly doesn’t have any others). Somers brings gender balance—how many times can the GOP trot out, two, rich white guys in the governor’s race? She is also smart, articulate and is from a city many thought was in Rhode Island. The Day of New London’s Paul Choiniere gets it right. She has already impressed but needs to get at it right away.

• The Shad wrote a while ago that Foley’s stealth, sit-on-the-fence campaign was an insult to voters. I need to add though, that it’s also probably the only way he has a shot at winning. Every time he opens his mouth, he hurts his chances—he won’t change the gun laws (or will he?); he won’t seek to reopen the collective bargaining agreements with labor (or will he?). His appearance at the closing paper mill in Sprague was a disaster to say the least.

• Two topics that will no doubt reemerge to hurt Foley are the closing of the Bibb factory in Georgia and Foley’s murky Joie Chitwood imitation back in 1981 that landed him in the pokey for the night. Good times.

• The Shad wishes Lowell Weicker would just go away. His recent war on American flags (he lost in Old Lyme) was an embarrassment further showing it’s “dog track time” for the former governor.

• Ditto Jonathon Pelto and his “Get Malloy” gubernatorial campaign. Gov. Dan Malloy points out Pelto has no chance of winning. Well, of course not. But that’s not why he wants to be on the ballot. His clear motivation is to take you out, gov., by getting the handful of votes that could tip a close election like in 2010.

• Another sign that the state of Florida is God’s waiting room: Former Connecticut state Rep. Alan Schlesinger is apparently competitive in a Republican congressional primary in the Sunshine State. He has already spent $125,000 of his own money on the race and could dump in another hundred grand. That’s big wampum. Things must be a bit easier at the Florida casinos for Alan “Gold.”