Foley Talks Repeal of Post-Newtown Gun Laws; Dems Pounce

As we await word whether Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley received the endorsement of the state’s largest gun rights group Tuesday night, Democrats pounced on the issue of gun control which is clearly becoming a big issue in the 2014 election.

Even before any endorsement by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL), Gov. Dan Malloy and a number of elected officials acting as surrogates have hammered Foley on the issue of the state’s post-Sandy Hook gun control laws.

State Rep. and former US Senate candidate William Tong, Middletown Mayor Dan Drew and East Hartford Mayor Marcia Leclerc in recent days all weighed in with statements supporting Malloy and flaming Foley. Leclerc made the most dramatic comments about Foley saying the devil may have purchased Foley’s soul in exchange for his apparent opposition to the gun control laws.

The New Haven Register reported Foley told the CCDL he would sign a repeal of at least part of the gun control laws if it came to his desk as governor. The laws were passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.

The state Democratic Party attacked Foley as well. “…If Tom Foley plans on giving CCDL the keys to the capitol, he should be clear on what he’s promised behind closed doors, because so far, he’s refused to say publicly whether he supports a ban on high-capacity magazines or what he specifically disagrees with in the law,” said party spokesman Devon Puglia. Foley, who lost to Malloy in 2010 by less than 7,000 votes, has taken heat for not offering any specifics as to which post-Newtown laws he objects to. He’s lacked specifics on other issues as well.

Added Puglia, “If anything is clear, it’s that Mr. Foley seems content taking the endorsement of a far-right, extremist group intent on rolling back smart gun laws that are keeping our schools and communities safer. And Tom Foley would sign a repeal of those laws—and that would take Connecticut backwards.”

Practically speaking, even if Foley is elected there’s no possibility he’d get to sign a repeal because the General Assembly is and will be dominated by Democrats who support the laws.