Because this election cycle in Connecticut has been sooo boring, former US Rep. Rob Simmons, maybe a candidate for the Republican nomination for US Senate, is now running a TV ad despite deactivating his campaign. The ad reminds viewers that Simmons is still on the ballot. Simmons claims the ad is a “public service announcement” (PSA). However, PSAs don’t usually cost money. The Simmons campaign is paying for this one.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports Simmons is back in completely. And reports on a debate in which wrestling mogul Linda McMahon won’t participate. Just what we need—more debate about debates (in which The Shad is completely complicit to this point).

After losing the party endorsement to wrestling mogul Linda McMahon, Simmons all but pulled the plug on his campaign. But his name remains on the primary ballot with those of McMahon and investor Peter Schiff.

With his campaign workers scattered and his personal appearances few, it’s not clear why Simmons keeps a toe in the water. But in responding to the news of the TV ad, the McMahon campaign tried to appear perplexed. (And they forgot to bring “the funny.” )

The Simmons email:


Today we announced that we will be running a television advertisement asking voters to look at the issues when making their decision in the August 10th primary. The ad also reminds voters about my placement on the Republican Primary ballot, a position I have held since the Convention in May.

For the past two months, I have been traveling the state supporting my fellow Republican candidates for public office who I believe will bring to Connecticut and the Nation the leadership we need at this most difficult time. Everywhere I go people ask me if I am still running for the U.S. Senate because they want to lend their support. My response has been “I’m still on the ballot.”

The ads, which are in the nature of a public service announcement, are designed to present the voting public with the information they need to make an informed choice in the primary.

This year’s election finds our country at a crossroads and will affect our children and future generations. Reckless bailouts and tax increases have crippled the economy and cost us jobs. This failure of our current leadership will have a long-lasting effect if we don’t make them pay for these mistakes. I also feel it is important for people to know that I am still on the ballot and to provide my fellow Republicans with a choice.

Thank you for your continued support.

All the Best,

The text of the ad follows:

“Today, it’s important to vote with your heart and your head. Bailouts and tax increases have crippled the economy and cost us jobs. Small business is our backbone. Let’s help them. National security must remain strong. Put your trust in the candidate who is and will be an advocate for veterans. These issues will have a lasting effect on our children. In the Republican primary on August tenth, you do have a choice. I’m Rob Simmons, I’m still on the ballot, and I approved this message.”

Paid for by Simmons for Senate