They Can Spin All They Want But Foley Needs to Step Up His Debate Performance

For the past few days, the spin machine has been set to full blast to portray Tom Foley as having turned in a good debate performance this week. They reality is, we know very little more about where he stands on important issues facing the state now than before except that he is in the minority in his opposition to the state’s smart, effective gun control laws.

Foley simply didn’t do what he needed to do. And that’s let the people know where he stands on issues and what his record is. For good or bad, Gov. Dan Malloy has a record for everyone to scrutinize. He is a known commodity Foley avoids specifics and is truth-challenged on his record.

The election for many can turn on the post-Sandy Hook gun control laws. Foley gave us some double-talk when he said that if the legislature sent him a repeal bill (that will never happen), he would sign it. But he wouldn’t seek a repeal. Oh, ok. I know where he stands now. Please.

Foley, the former ambassador to Ireland should also once and for all let the people know what happened at Bibb. It seems to be trying to rewrite history although he inches toward more information all the time.

The Shad wasn’t at Norwich Free Academy Wednesday because of family obligations but I caught it “on demand” on the great CT-N. (see the debate here.) It seems to me Foley has a lot to explain—his connections to the super pac pouring money into his race; why was he fined for election law violations; why he said he had a conversation with Malloy about gun control when he never did; why he said he wouldn’t
enforce the gun control laws; why he didn’t know that violating the new firearms registration law is a misdemeanor not a felony. Would he seek to roll back the minimum wage? Would he move to repeal paid sick leave?

In The Shad’s view, there was no knockout punch in this week’s debate. Yet at the same time, Tom Foley didn’t step up with a good performance. He has six more chances to do so or he is in trouble.