Foley Now All in on Guns with Endorsement from Pro-Firearms Group; ‘Friday Dump’ by CCDL?

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley is pursuing a risky strategy in his effort to unseat Gov. Dan Malloy. After months of fence sitting on the issue of the state’s tough gun control laws, things became clearer Friday as the state’s largest pro-gun group endorsed Foley and a slew of other mostly Republican candidates.

Foley is all in as to opposition to the post-Sandy Hook laws although we still don’t know exactly which provisions he opposes and which he is ok with. The Connecticut Citizens Defense (CCDL) is very clear where it stands.

More people than not support the laws including more independents according to the latest poll. That would seem to work against Foley. He is clearly gambling than dissatisfaction with Malloy’s policies will turn out more Republicans and gun nuts, uh, pro-Second Amendment zealots. That’s a big gamble as Foley was quick to accept the backing of the group.

It’s also curious that the CCDL made their endorsement announcement on the Friday before the Labor Day weekend. Politicians and elected officials are notorious for “Friday dumps”—putting out news they really don’t want to be noticed. The CCDL executive committee met Tuesday of this week and voted then. Why the delay until Friday for the announcement when people are packing up or already traveling?

The Shad emailed the CCDL President Scott Wilson several times during the week asking when the announcement would be made. He was nice enough to respond and wrote, “We are fine tuning things” and that I should subscribe to the group’s blog to hear first about the announcement.

It’s quite possible Wilson and his group wanted their constituency to know they voted to back Foley but not make it a high profile affair for the general electorate.