Just as He Predicted, Pelto Falls Woefully Short: Needed 7,500 Valid Signatures, Submitted 4,300

Malloy-hater and petitioning candidate for governor Jonathan Pelto alternately threatened to go court and claimed the system was “rigged” but in the end he fell badly short of the number of signatures of registered voters he needed to appear on the November ballot for governor. Pelto submitted 4,318 valid signatures. He needed 7,500.

Pelto has been on a crusade to oust Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy since Malloy first took office. He clearly thought if he could siphon off enough Democrats, he could throw the election to Republican Tom Foley given the slim margin with which Malloy won in 2010 (less than 7,000).

A shill for the teachers union, Pelto opposes at every turn Malloy’s attempts to reform an education system that has the biggest achievement gap in the nation and a deplorable drop-out rate. Yet in the end, the unions back Malloy.

That leaves Malloy, Foley and gun extremist petitioning candidate Joe Visconti on the ballot.

That means the shoe is on the other political foot. Visconti may take votes away from Foley, giving Malloy the advantage.