Foleys (Allegedly) Got a Good Deal Compared to What Rowland (Allegedly) Wanted to Charge Greenberg

The conspiracy trial of convicted felon former Gov. John Rowland is already an eye-opener after just one day of testimony. If Republican candidate for Congress in the fifth district Mark Greenberg is to be believed—and there is no reason not to—Rowland really tried to fleece him in a conspiracy proposal made in 2009. Rowland allegedly made the same proposal to Lisa Wilson-Foley and her husband, Brian in 2012. Rowland wanted $720,000 from Greenberg but charged the Foleys only $35,000 in a deal they accepted according to prosecutors. Turns out, Greenberg was smart to reject the dishonest former governor.

The conspiracy in which Rowland is accused of participating with the Foleys and that he offered to Greenberg is pretty straight forward: Rowland would give his expert political advice to the candidate but be paid through the candidates’ business entities as a consultant. In Greenberg’s case, it was a no-kill animal shelter he owns. In the Foleys’ case, it was Brian Foley’s chain of nursing/ rehabilitation facilities.

When the Foley’s said “yes” to Rowland conspiratorial idea, Rowland used his 50,000 watt radio show on WTIC-AM to pump up Wilson-Foley and hammer his opponents including the eventual nominee Andrew Roraback.

There is plenty more to come. Wednesday is just day one.