It’s just about now—less than three weeks before the primary—that people start to get tired of campaign advertisements on TV, radio and the Internet. It’s also the time such ads start to proliferate. Some are ridiculous; some stretch the truth; and some show a complete lack of creativity.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Fedele is running a TV spot that accuses “Democrats in Hartford” of raising taxes. Of course, any budget that increased taxes over the past six years could have been vetoed by his boss, Gov. Rell. She chose to sign all but one and that one she didn’t veto but rather let it become law without her signature. Where was Fedele for the last four years? Did he lobby Rell to veto any budget? We don’t know.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont has two offending ads. One is a radio spot that basically claims Lamont won the last debate he had with rival Dan Malloy. He is so proud of that debate performance, he has pledged not to have another one.

The second is a TV ad that ends with Lamont saying, “I’m Ned Lamont and I approve this message.” To which a group of people behind him respond, “And so do we!” Sound familiar? It’s the same “catch-disclaimer” he used in 2006. It was clever then. Using it now shows they’ve run out of ideas. At some point, they must realize that “I scared Joe Lieberman” is not a reason to vote for him for governor.

Finally, Republican US Senate candidate Linda McMahon has a web advertisement that shows her with a creepy halo around her head. Is that some sort of new wrestling character called “The Saint”? Scary.

And when was the last time someone who is not your mom or grandmother used the phrase, “Not my cup of tea”? Apparently these ladies do.