Tom Foley—former ambassador to Ireland, fundraiser for former President Bush, millionaire businessman from Greenwich and now frontrunner for the Republican nomination for governor—had a very bad week. And rival his rival, Lt. Gov. Mike Fedele is doing everything he can to make sure everyone knows.

The Hartford Courant’s Jon Lender reported Thursday that Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley answered “no” on federal background-check forms when asked if he’d ever been charged with anything more than a “minor traffic offense.” We all know from recent news reports that Foley had been arrested, but not convicted, on charges of first-degree attempted assault and breach of peace. Foley had to fill out the forms in order to serve as ambassador.

Fedele, way behind in the polls, jumped on the report right away. “You have to question the judgment of someone who falsified his national security clearance documents,” Fedele said. “This is part of his pattern of shading the truth, not disclosing details, refusing to open sealed arrest documents and dodging tax questions.”

Just as news of Foley’s lack of candor on his security clearance forms was breaking, Fedele launch a new TV ad attacking Foley on his handling of the Bibb Company—a point of contention between the F-Boys in recent months.