We all knew that megabucks candidate for the US Senate Linda McMahon would spare no expense in winning the Republican nomination and then take on favorite Richard Blumenthal for the seat being vacated by Chris Dodd. But just how much and on what she spent her money is still an eye opener.

McMahon outspent Blumenthal 5 to 1 ($4.3 million to $836,000) in the last three months. That may be an apples to oranges comparison because McMahon has to face off against the resurgent Rob Simmons and petition candidate Peter Schiff in the Republican primary while Blumenthal skates until November. But still, the particulars startle.

McMahon spent more on balloons and tote bags (about $20,000) than Blumenthal paid his campaign manager ($19,000). McMahon pumped another $5.1 million of her own money into the campaign in the second quarter, bringing her personally financed total to $21 million according to the Federal Elections Commission.

This published report has more details.