Roy O. Staying Put at Global; Will Advise Malloy Informally


The architect of Gov. Dan Malloy’s two election victories won’t be joining with the administration as he did after the first victory in 2010. Roy Occhiogrosso will be staying with Global Strategy Group, a communications, public relations and polling consulting group.

Occhiogrosso joined Global in Jaunary of 2013 after acting as senior advisor to then-Mayor Malloy’s successful, first run for governor in 2010. Malloy won that race in an historically close contest by less than 7,000 votes over Republican businessman Tom Foley.

Malloy fared much better in this year’s rematch, taking 50 percent to Foley’s 48 percent.

“There is no longer a [Malloy] campaign committee so I have no formal role,”Occhiogrosso said. “I’ll advise him on an ‘as neeed’ basis.”

Global itself still has a consulting contract with the state Democratic Party but that contract is ending soon. “We’ll be working on a new relationship in the coming weeks,” Occhiogrosso said.

Global Strategy Group’s relationship with the state in Malloy’s first term was the subject of criticism from Foley during the latest campaign. Foley stumbled out of the gate in the race, questioning Malloy’s ethics.

In September of 2013, he charged that it was a conflict of interest when Global won a state contract to help publicize the Access Health CT health care exchange just six months after Occhiogrosso left the administration. Like many other ethics allegations, Foley couldn’t back it up. There was never any evidence there was ever anything nefarious about that Global contract.