Conn. Legislative Rs Want Special Session; Malloy: Um, No; Duff: Not Necessary

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy is turning back Republican legislative leaders’ call for a special session to deal with the budget deficit. The GOP is working itself into a lather this week over budget numbers that show without action the state will finish this budget year with a deficit of up to $100 million and billions more in years to come.

The governor has already started to address the problem.“There is no need for a special session. The rescissions that were announced yesterday ]Thursday], in addition to the management measures that were announced more than a week ago, are more than sufficient to address this minor shortfall,” said Malloy spokesman Andrew Doba.

Income state minority leaders of both the state Senate and House say the situation is dire enough to warrant a special session of the General Assembly. Sen, Len Fasano and Rep. Themis Klarides asked Malloy and Democratic leaders for the session. “It is imperative that we act today to address the state’s impending deficit,” they wrote in a letter released Friday.

“When you look at all the numbers the actual deficit could be far greater than what the administration has been reporting. Given the significance of this deficit, we are asking that the governor and legislative leaders work together to cooperatively resolve this financial emergency,” they wrote.

Democratic Majority Leader-elect Bob Duff is of a similar mind as Malloy. “I don’t think there’s a need for it and frankly I don;t think it’s going to happen. With the governor’s rescissions [authorized cuts] and other measures already taken, I just don’t think it’s needed at this point.”

Duff says the usual budget process is coming soon enough. “In just a few short weeks we will be back at work and looking at the numbers as part of the normal budgetary process,” he said.

While the Republicans are calling for action to stave off red ink, Sen. Fasano is complaining about the cuts the governor has already made.