Meet the Press, NBC News will Continue to Lose Credibility Using Sharpton as a Panelist

The issues couldn’t be more important—race relations in this country, the relationships between law enforcement and minority communities, and the question of whether the criminal justice system is fair to everyone. It’s a time when Sunday political talk shows have an opportunity to shine with meaningful public discourse. While the other shows turned in solid performances, NBC’s “Meet the Press”—ratings-challenged as it is—rolled out Al Sharpton, the charlatan opportunist whose role as a panelist continues to erode MTP’s and NBC News’ credibility.

MSNBC’s believability is already beyond repair as it has given the fraud Sharpton his own show. Those surprised to learn that MSNBC is actually still on the air might be interested to know Sharpton hosts “PoliticsNation” which is unwatchable. The only saving grace for the network in this opinion is Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzinski on “Morning Joe.” But even that show is damaged when it trots out Sharpen whose only goals are to divide, agitate, inflame and hopefully get himself on TV at the scene of the latest racial unrest.

The stakes are much higher when the legendary “Meet the Press” rolls out Sharpton as a guest to talk about the Ferguson and New York City grand jury decisions and their aftermaths. Maybe what NBC was trying to do was to boost what’s left of MSNBC’s ratings.

One wonders what reputable NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams thinks when he sees Sharpton’s mug on the network’s signature Sunday show—the longest-running television series in American broadcast history.

Sharpton’s checkered past is well-known and it’s not that he doesn’t deserve a chance at redemption—everyone does. But Sharpton has had his chances to account and make amends for his arguably criminal past. In fact, he had a golden opportunity a little more than a year ago to apologize and make amends for his monstrous and reputation-destroying actions in the Tawana Brawley case.

He was appearing on “Morning Joe” to hawk his book. After fielding some softball questions about the content of the book, he was asked about the Brawley case. Did he regret accusing an innocent assistant district attorney of being guilty in the case? Would he have done anything different know that it’s known Brawley’s claims were invented? No, in fact, he doubled down.

How anyone can take this man seriously and give this man a forum is beyond comprehension.

There are some families who are going through very trying times who will not let Sharpton muscle in on their grief. The family of police-shooting victim Akai Gurley told Sharpton to butt out of the funeral arrangements after he even sent out news releases saying he would give the eulogy.

Meanwhile, a recent New York Times investigation revealed Sharpton to be a deadbeat as well as a crook who somehow manages to avoid prosecution.

Sharpton will continue to hurt the credibility of anyone who is dumb enough to be associated with him.