Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont, obviously feeling the pressure of a dwindling lead in the polls, launched a new attack ad on party-endorsed candidate Dan Malloy. The radio commercial hits many topics and basically says “Malloy went negative, so here’s our side.” A TV ad is running starting today as well.

The most unconvincing claim in the ad is that Lamont and Malloy have “debated 27 times” (please pick a number and stick with it) and “the next debate is Thursday.” Anyone who has followed the race at all knows that there has been exactly one side-by-side, televised debate. Two more were scheduled (in New London on News 8 and in Hartford on Channel 3 and CPTV). Lamont refused to participate in either.

The “debate” Thursday that the new negative ad cites is a chamber of commerce event in Windham with all five gubernatorial candidates at 7 a.m—there might be a microphone and a video camera. Not exactly prime time TV—the TV debates were scheduled to be shown when people could actually watch them and place the Democratic candidates side by side without the distraction of other candidates (they accepted the TV debates).

The bottom line is, if Lamont has such disagreements with Malloy and thinks the former mayor of Stamford is misrepresenting his record on jobs, corruption and experience, then he should stand right next to Malloy, get the best possible exposure (TV) and debate.