Gomes Seeks to Retake the State Senate Seat he Once Held, But Dem Establishment is Noncommittal

78-year old Ed Gomes of Bridgeport wants the Senate seat he held until 2012 when he was beaten in a primary by Andres Ayala who is becoming the new commissioner of motor vehicles, opening the seat again. One can tell Gomes is officially making a comeback because he has sent out a fundraising letter already:


It’s official… Former State Senator Edwin Gomes has filed his paperwork and formed a campaign committee! Ed is fired up and ready to run for the 23rd State Senate seat once again! With election day just six short weeks away we’re counting on your help to make Senator Gomes’ campaign a success.

Can we count on you to make a contribution today?

Suggested contribution: $100

Please complete the attached contribution form and make checks out to:

Ed Gomes State Senate 2015

Checks can be mailed to:

Ed Gomes State Senate 2015

attn. Gabrielle Parisi

243 Soundview Ave

Bridgeport, CT 06606-2530

Contributions ranging between $5 and $100 will be accepted

Paid for by:

Ed Gomes State Senate 2015 | Gabrielle Parisi | Treasurer

Kennard Ray
860-997-5069 | Kennard.Ray@gmail.com

Ed Gomes 2015 Contribution Form

Even though Gomes is a former Senate colleague of many sitting senators, he doesn’t automatically have their backing—nor does he need it. There is no primary for a special election. The Democratic candidate will be chosen by the same delegates that chose Sen. Ayala. (Gomes had extensive heart surgery in 2011 but says he is energized and ready to go now),

This allows Democrats such as Senate President Martin Looney to stay out of it without offending anyone. He can just support the delegate-chosen candidate. The special election is sometime in February.

To add to what can only happen in Bridgeport, former state Sen. Ernie Newton who held the seat before Gomes’ first go ‘round (and Newton’s own first stint in prison), is currently on trial for campaign finance violations. If he is acquitted and in time for the special, he could run again as well. In fact, he could run even if his trial is still ongoing. Strange days indeed—very James Michael Curley-ish.


Meanwhile, there is no shortage of other people considering a run.