Find Another Way to Protest or be Arrested (and Lose My Support)

It seems the protesters who clogged I-93 both north- and southbound through Boston this morning think it’s ok to endanger or even take lives in the effort to draw attention to some lives already taken. Morons.

The Shad had to be in Connecticut this morning for some important business meetings. As I left Somerville, I prayed I wouldn’t get caught in the mess that protestors said was designed to draw attention to “white complacency” about the killings of young, unarmed black men by law enforcement. In some cases, these geniuses rolled out concrete-filled barrels and chained themselves to them. The I-93 northbound blockage was in the town of Milton. The southbound disruption was in Medford.

Let’s consider:
• The young woman who had waited three months to see a cancer specialist at Dana-Farber. She missed the appointment
• The no less than five ambulances—some containing people with life threatening injuries—that had to be diverted from some of Boston’s best trauma center to Brockton hospital
• The regular Joe trying to get to work to make a living
• The parents trying to get their kids to schools

Very telling was the reaction to the highway blockage from African Americans. “If these protesters believe that Black lives matter, then they need to stop making us late for work and our other commitments,” Watson said in an e-mail to the Boston Globe, identifying himself as a black man. “For many, being late to work is not acceptable and can lead to termination.”


He also told the Globe he felt the protesters’ actions were “out of touch” with the black community.

“I feel that my Black life DOES NOT matter to them, at all,” he wrote. “They have total disregard for how their actions are actually negatively affecting not only Black lives, but lives of everyday people who might otherwise support their cause.”

In the scheme of things, The Shad’s scheduled trip to Connecticut mattered little. Others had much more important need to get through. But I think we can agree: These pinheads should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And they no longer have my support. I’ll work the issue on my own time, on my own side street.