TABLES TURNED! I-93 Protestors Who Snarled Boston Traffic Claim Reporters were “Trespassing”

From the category of “beautiful irony,” local Boston television reporters tried and failed for the most part to talk to the cement-head protestors who decided it was a good idea to inconvenience and even endanger commuters and emergency vehicles Thursday morning.

For the uninitiated, I-93 runs north and south right through Boston and is a major thoroughfare to say the least. Thursday morning protestors rolled out huge barrels from box trucks on both sides of the highway (northbound in Milton and southbound in Medford) and chained themselves to them. It brought traffic to a dead stop on both sides.

(As an aside, police said many of the protestors were wearing adult diapers, obviously expecting a long stay on the highway. However, by the looks of some of them, the Depends may be a daily thing anyway.)

Here’s what happened when the CBS affiliate tried to talk to the protestors Friday after they were arraigned and released:

The best part was the one perpetrator who told the reporter to go away because “you’re trespassing.” Ha!

"Does this barrel make me look fat?"
“Does this barrel make me look fat?”

The idiocy of these people aside, there were serious consequences for people being transported to one of the world class trauma centers in Boston. The ambulances had to be turned back and diverted to Brockton. Family members were obviously upset.

"'Protest??' I thought they said 'pot roast!!'"
“‘Protest??’ I thought they said ‘pot roast!!'”

Then there is the issue of just what the Einsteins were trying to accomplish. Certainly, it wasn’t the case of “Black Lives Matter.” One African American man told the Boston Globe, “If these protesters believe that Black lives matter, then they need to stop making us late for work and our other commitments…For many, being late to work is not acceptable and can lead to termination.” He went on to tell the paper, the protestors were out of touch. “I feel that my Black life DOES NOT matter to them, at all…They have total disregard for how their actions are actually negatively affecting not only Black lives, but lives of everyday people who might otherwise support their cause.” Amen.