Just a few days before the Republican party nominating convention this spring, attorney Ross Garber entered the race for Attorney General. The timing was no coincidence. The favorite in the race, Democrat Susan Bysiewicz, had just been declared ineligible for AG because, the state Supreme Court said, she didn’t have the required “ten years of active practice of law.” Bysiewicz may be from the other party, but she’s also Garber’s sister-in-law.

Garber has been running hard, getting various town committee endorsements despite the fact that attorney Martha Dean won the party endorsement at the convention. Garber has been meticulously pointing out his differences with Dean—calling her on it when she tries to change positions on key issues—and current AG Richard Blumenthal.

While viewed as a conservative, Garber looks like a reasonable moderate when compared to Dean. The Shad can’t help but wonder whether Dean is packing heat at any given time.

Garber yesterday announced he had the endorsements of Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano and Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia. It’s looking more and more like Garber is headed for an upset win over Dean in two weeks.

Your thoughts?

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