First, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy launched a TV ad with him looking right in the camera. He said rival Ned Lamont (actually, he never mentioned his name, it was “my opponent”) refused to debate him and so Malloy was going to set things straight.

Lamont responded with own ad, slamming Malloy on his claims about job creation and clean government. And of course, Lamont claimed to have debated Malloy 27 times.

Both campaign then responded with news releases—the harshest coming from Lamont running mate Mary Glassman. “Running with Dan four years ago, I watched him tear our party apart with dirty, divisive attacks on good Democrats. He photo-shopped his opponent into a dress, but his negative attacks backfired, costing him the nomination, Glassman said. “I had hoped that Dan learned his lesson in 2006 but his latest run of television ads shows otherwise. These attacks on Ned Lamont are blatantly false and should be out of bounds for any Democrat who cares about the future of our party and our state. I hope he will come to his senses and take the ads down, and if he doesn’t, I hope his running mate Nancy Wyman will join me in condemning these despicable tactics.” Wow. Glassman was Malloy’s running mate in 2006.

Malloy is now out with a hit piece on Lamont. Lamont has campaigned on his experience as a businessman. Malloy takes him to task on his business performance as well as a racial bias lawsuit against his company that was settled and includes a confidentiality agreement. The ad’s tag line is “Ned Lamont—CEO values that cost Connecticut.”

Then there’s the web-only, YouTube video Malloy has up.

There’s less than two weeks to go before the primary. Things will get uglier.