Expected Confirmation of Judicial Nominee ‘An Answer’ to Protests from the NRA

State Senate President Martin Looney says he expects Auden Grogins to be overwhelmingly confirmed Friday as a state Superior Court judge and that affirmation is an answer to the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) strong protests against her.

Grogins is a former state representative from Bridgeport who, as a legislator, voted in favor of the gun violence prevention legislation. That didn’t sit well with the NRA which contends she should not be approved as a judge.

“Auden Grogins is no friend of the Second Amendment, and who knows how far she would go with her anti-gun rhetoric as a Superior Court judge,” the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action said in a statement. It urged Connecticut gun rights supporters to tell their legislators to reject the nomination. It didn’t work. She was approved by the Judiciary Committee 30-3.

Judicial nominee Auden Grogins
Judicial nominee Auden Grogins

Looney says Grogins is certainly qualified. “Absolutely. She’s been an excellent attorney for more than 20 years, she’s been a defense attorney, and she’ll make a fine judge.”

As for the NRA opposition, Looney says, “It’s unfortunate. It speaks to their mode of doing things. She’ll be approved overwhelmingly [Friday] and that’s an answer to the NRA.”

State Sen. Marilyn Moore, also from Bridgeport, says although she hasn’t always been a “fan,” she admires Grogins’ strength. “I saw her as a [Bridgeport] city councilor, a school board member and a legislator. I admire her constant desire to do the right thing,” Moore said. “I think she’s a fair person and I think she’ll make a very good judge, I really do.”