Hillary Clinton Should Consider Bailing Out; Warren, et al. Should be Considered

This is not really something a Democrat (especially a moderate one) is supposed to say but Hillary Clinton really should serious considering getting out the 2016 presidential race. Yes, it’s true she’s not officially in but we all know she has a strangle hold on Democratic donors and still tops the polls. Maybe she should clear the way for someone like Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Passionate Elizabeth Warren takes on corrupt Wall Street banks
Passionate Elizabeth Warren takes on corrupt Wall Street banks

There are number of reasons she should consider. First, she can’t win a general election. The belief here is that Independents will migrate away from her. She simply carries too much baggage. She’ll be hit hard for the negative things that happened during the Bill Clinton presidency while receiving no credit for the largest economic expansion in decades that happened during that time.

The Shad is among those who still want answers about Benghazi. It seems humanly impossible to remove politics from the search for answers as to just what happened there. At the very least, the families of those who were killed including Ambassador Chris Stevens deserve answers. Conspiracy theories, as they often do, stand in the way of getting at the truth. I want answers no matter how we have to get them.

If Benghazi doesn’t disqualifies Mrs. Clinton from the highest office in the land (and from what I have read, it does), then the email scandal is the nail in the coffin of a presidential bid if for no other reason than people fully understand what happened—it’s simple and very damaging. She kept her emails on a private email account on a private server. The only logical reason is because she wanted to keep her correspondence from those pesky open government laws.

Hillary’s ever-changing excuses for why she kept her emails in a private account further damages her credibility. One wonders who she had advising her when she claimed she kept her emails on a private account was because she thought it was easier to carry just one device. That answer is laughable. Those who know The Shad know I am no technology wiz and yet I can access more than one account on my android.

Without even getting into the compromised security of doing state department business on a private email server (they are infinitely more hack-able than government servers), Clinton’s approach to the issue calls into question her judgment just as Benghazi does.

A 2016 presidential election without Hillary Clinton doesn’t just hand over the office to a Republican. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, and Virginia US Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine—both former governors, are just a few of the names that come to mind as possible contenders. Even Connecticut US Sen. Chris Murphy has been mentioned. (Let me stop you before thinking of Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Neither can win. Neither should run.)

No less than the famously leftist columnist Maureen Dowd of the New York Times called out Hillary (and does so forcefully).

The point is that first, Hillary should decide whether she is running. Continuing to flirt with a race and bagging out severely damages other candidates. Staying in means there is a good chance the GOP wins the White House and along with controlling both houses of Congress, would make for a potentially disastrous tenure.