The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

With apologies to the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo for lifting the title, here are some odds and ends poling up on The Shad’s desk.

For absolutely no reason
For absolutely no reason

1. The Boston Sunday Globe became the Boston “Warren” Sunday Globe as the Massachusetts paper of record piled on the pro-Elizabeth Warren stories Sunday.

Editorial: .


2. There seems to be an epidemic of police using unnecessary force to subdue people. Maybe it doesn’t get big media play because of so many deaths in police shootings. Simple assault doesn’t seem to count.

Here is a Boston Transit officer saving a guy’s life by stopping him from an apparent attempt to jump in front of a train. After the saving move, the officer proceeds to knock the snot of him.

Of course there’s the New Haven police officer who thought it necessary to take down a 15-year old girl so forcefully she suffered some serious injuries.

3. Connecticut State Police (CSP) spokesman J. Paul Vance was reassigned this past week meaning the loss of a compassionate, strong and accessible media liaison. He is now head of the traffic division. We haven’t gotten a full accounting for why he was moved. As usual, Lt. Vance handled the situation with class.

The reassignment of Vance has caused controversy within the ranks of the state police including the union. Vance was at his best under the most difficult circumstances: the Cheshire home invasion and the massacre of 20 children and six adults at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. He will be missed. The Shad found him responsible, straight forward, accessible and generally pleasant to deal with. The CSP should give a full accounting on why the move was made.

4. President Obama floated the idea of mandatory voting this week. It’s a horrible idea. Forcing people to vote would mean people who are completely ignorant and have no desire to do so would resort in unqualified candidates being elected. We’ve had so many close elections (think Bush-Gore in 2000) it would tip the scales.

5. Massachusetts legislators are considering a very creative way to close the gender wage gap. The idea is to try to eliminate the gap at the beginning of the interview process. The bill would make it illegal to ask a job applicant about his/her salary history. Supporters say that because women are traditionally paid less than men for the same work, revealing their salary histories would put them at a disadvantage. The bill would also require the minimum salary for the position be disclosed. Also, employers would not be able to prohibit employees from openly discussing their salaries if they choose.

6. And finally, there are times when FOX News borders on being flat-out irresponsible. When Attorney General Eric Holder called for a “dismantling” of the Ferguson, Missouri police department based on a report that cited startling anti-minority bias by the department, FOX News Channel’s “FOX and Friends” morning show sent out a tweet linking Holder to the shooting of two police officers this past week. Now, I’m no Holder fan but I don’t think by “dismantling” he meant take them out one by one with sniper fire.