Hey Geno, ZIP IT!

Is this guy for real? UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma is using the national spotlight (such that it is) on another Final Four appearance to bash men’s college basketball.

Among the gems Ol’Geno has this time is that the men’s game is “a joke.” “The bottom line is, nobody can score. … College men’s basketball is so far behind the times it’s unbelievable…,” Auriemma said.

Really? Let’s review some of his team’s results:
UConn 115 – West Chester. This was the season opener which is always against a patsy.
UConn 85 – College of Charleston 24. 24!
UConn 96 – Duke 45
UConn 100 – UCF 45
UConn 96 – Cincinnati 31. 31!
UConn 87 – Memphis 24. 24!
UConn 105 – Texas 52. And this one was in the NCAA tournament and Texas was ranked No. 5 in the country!

And Geno is worried about the men’s game having trouble scoring? The women’s game is the one that has problems. There are maybe two teams every year (and UConn’s one of them) that compete for the title. Everyone else is 40 points behind.

Added Auriemma, “”We are fighting for the entertainment dollar here, and I have to tell you, it’s [the men’s game] not entertainment from a fan’s standpoint.” I’ve got news for you, Geno. What’s not entertaining is watching one team blow out every single opponent.

Obviously the incredible UConn women’s dynasty should not play down to its opponents. But neither should Ariemma throw stones when he lives in an incredible expensive glass house. He signed a five-year contract extension in 2013. The deal is worth $10.5 million (and that’s Connecticut taxpayers’ money while UConn’s administration cries poor to the General Assembly. But’s that’s another story for another time.)

A couple of weeks ago Auriemma bemoaned the lack of attendance at his women’s NCAA tournament game. “It is kind of embarrassing. We took great pride in who we are, what we have done and how we have done it for all of these years. For that to happen, I am not pointing a finger at anybody but I just think it is embarrassing. The fact is not only do sports fans who want entertainment go elsewhere, they are no-show-shamed by Auriemma and local sports writers.

Give us a break, Coach Wooden, uh, Auriemma. Maybe suggest ways to fix your own game before bashing someone else’s.