Malloy, Baker and Craps

It’s not on the agenda but it’s quite possible that when they get together Thursday, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy and Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker will chat about an issue that roils both states—casinos. Malloy, Baker and the rest of the New England Governors Association meet Thursday at the convention center in Hartford to talk energy.

The coalition of Northeastern Governors is a nonpartisan group that works on issues common to the seven New England states. Thursday, they chief executives get together for the Northeast Regional Energy Forum.

The governors will explore common solutions to energy challenges facing the region in an effort to combat the high cost of electricity in New England, the lack of infrastructure to bring natural gas to power plants, growing concerns about reliability, and the transmission challenges of integrating power from renewable energy sources into the grid, according to a statement from Baker’s office. (It’s their run-on sentence, not mine.)

But more fun to think about is whether Malloy and Baker, in a casual moment, might discuss the issue of casinos.

Some Connecticut lawmakers are on the ledge over the three casinos and one slot parlor being built to the north. Many want to authorize three more in Connecticut to fight off the competition particularly from the monstrous one coming to Springfield.

Malloy spokesman Mark Bergman says the subject just might come up. “It might. But it’s not part of the [official] agenda. Private conversations do take place but we don’t comment on those.”

Bergman pointed out that Malloy has said any casino expansion should be about jobs not revenue

The possibility of new casinos in Connecticut took quite a hit when Attorney General George Jepsen brought everyone back to earth when he released a letter outlining potential legal problems with the expansion.

The legislature’s Planning and Development Committee pushed the bill along.