The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Here are some odds and ends that didn’t make into posts this week. They are unconnected, random thoughts. Readers are invited to add their own.

1. It remains to be seen what will happen with the legislative committee’s proposal for the financing side of the budget that increases taxes on the wealthy. During Gov. Dannel Malloy’s reelection campaign and in his own budget proposal, the governor promised no new taxes. Does he violate that pledge if he signs a budget bill that raises taxes or is he safe because he didn’t propose them?

By the way, if Republicans want to yell and scream about new taxes on the wealthiest in the state, maybe yet another ultra-rich guy from Greenwich (state Sen. Scott Franz) shouldn’t be the point person.

2. It’s still hard to get jazzed about a baseball team called the Yard Goats. Maybe the stadium helps north Hartford, maybe not. The possibilities for a mascot are endless.

Yard Goat?
Yard Goat?

3. The state’s biggest gun rights group is apparently feeling the financial pinch of its legal challenge to Connecticut’s post-Sandy Hook gun control legislation. The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) is asking its members to pony up for the cost of the case. Writes its president:

We have assembled a legal team comprised of some of the very best 2nd Amendment lawyers in the country. Such a lawsuit is extremely expensive, and to date we’ve spent in the area of $600,000, and it’s projected to cost us at least another $1 million. CCDL is an all volunteer, not for profit organization. We don’t even charge a membership fee!…We also don’t have some foundation or billionaire ex-mayor giving us cash. This lawsuit is funded solely by people like you and I who support the right to keep and bear arms.

It’s unclear who the “billionaire ex-mayor” is who is referenced. Let me know if you know.

4. Blaming the media for what went down in Baltimore is getting old. We’re to the point where the mayor makes a statement, it’s shown nationwide over and over again. Then she denies saying those exact words and accuses the media of twisting her words. No one has to twist anything. She said it. If she regrets it, she should apologize and leave it at that.

The claim that the peaceful protests in Baltimore weren’t covered is also nonsense. I’m a news junkie. I’d watch and listen to news around the clock if I could. I saw coverage of all the protests since the young man died. But people need to understand that you don’t get credit for not breaking the law. And when things start to burn, it will get noted.

5. Connecticut Senate President Marty Looney is doing exactly what he has been doing in decades of public service—he’s quietly, calming getting things done and leading the others. His changes in the tax laws, even absent the new taxes—are visionary. The state is better for it.

6. For those who haven’t already noticed, I am again serving as director of communications and media for Toni Harp and her quest for a second term as mayor of New Haven. I’m proud to be part of her reelection campaign as she has had an extraordinary first term. She is a leader who is effective, builds consensus, and who should continue to lead the Elm City forward.