Fasano Tells Malloy (As He Told ‘The Shad’ Last Monday) that Signing a Tax-Increasing Budget Is a Breach of His ‘No New Taxes’ Pledge

On Monday, The Hanging Shad asked both state Senate President Marty Looney and Minority Leader Len Fasano whether it would constitute a violation of his no-new-taxes campaign pledge if Gov. Dannel Malloy ended up signing a budget that does just that—even if he didn’t propose it. Looney said no, that the budget process is a collaborative effort and Malloy held to his pledge by not proposing new taxes. Fasano said absolutely yes, it would. Now Fasano is letting Malloy know it personally.

Fasano has penned yet another letter to Malloy in an effort to get a seat at the table for the current budget negotiations. In the process, he lets Malloy know that Republicans can help him in an effort to avoid new taxes but that nothing short of a veto of any tax-increasing budget would be a blatant violation of the pledge the governor made during the 2014 campaign rematch against Republican Tom Foley.

Fasano writes to Malloy in part:

“…Republicans have asked repeatedly to participate in state budget negotiations. While you and I have both expressed our opposition to tax hikes proposed by Democrat legislators, you have still chosen to exclude us thus far. I am writing today to remind you that not including Republicans in budget discussions only further jeopardizes your ability to negotiate a no-new-taxes budget.

During your last campaign you promised the public there would be no more tax hikes under your administration. You have reaffirmed this pledge multiple times, including this week when you commented on state budget negotiations saying, ‘There’s a limit to how much we can spend, and there’s a limit to how much we can tax.’ If Democrat legislators pass a budget that includes burdensome tax hikes, the only way to uphold your repeated campaign promise is to veto such legislation. Simply not signing a bill does not relieve you of responsibility in this situation, and is equivalent to breaching your promise directly. Republicans have made it clear that we would support your veto of the Democrat’s proposed tax hikes, and we stand by that commitment…”

For what it’s worth, The Shad believes the GOP should be allowed to take part in the budget talks if for no other reason than to share in the blame for the ugly product that will very likely be the result. See that post here.

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