The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Post-Memorial Day odds and ends piled up on the desk:

1. I’m still trying to pick up jaw from the floor after spending some time on the Boston Common. The “Sea of Flags” consisted of 37,000 flags put up by some 600 volunteers who signed up months ago. The flags were to honor “Massachusetts’ fallen heroes from the Civil War to present day,” according to the Mass. Military Heroes Fund. It was stunning.

sea of flags

2. This happened a while ago but it occurs to me that my Red Sox’ left fielder Hanley Ramirez would be out for the season if he tried this:


3. A Hartford police officer has been reprimanded after telling a citizen who was recording him that he would “smash” his cell phone if he didn’t stop. See the disturbing video obtained by the Hartford Courant here.

This federal marshal actually did the smashing:


This one maybe the standard for catching law enforcement simply out of control:

Of course, there are hard-working, respectful law enforcement officers in Hartford and across the country. But anecdotally, there are an awful many who are simply on a power trip and think they can get away with treating people any way they want.

To make matters worse, a defense attorney friend of mine once told me that when it comes to recounting events, “Cops lie. And they lie all the time.” Now that people all have recording devices in their pockets, officers are starting to be call to account. And that’s a good thing.

4. Hartford residents should be very concerned that shootings are up 33 percent to date in 2015. This includes the possible hate crime against a Capitol Avenue church’s pastor.

They say when it gets warmer, crime goes up. It’s May. What happens when it really gets hot? It reminds me of 2009 when city officials called a “”cease fire.” What? Does that mean it’s open season when the cease fire date arrives?

5. I was in Boston’s North End for an appointment Tuesday morning and had some time before my next meeting in the West End. I walked out of the local library branch and saw this except from the ground:

It scared the crap out of everyone including the cop directing traffic who told me, “I wish they would have briefed us on this. I went straight for my gun.” And I wasn’t recording him on my cell phone either.