Segarra’s Answer to an Epidemic of Shootings? Blame the State, Hold a Rally

What can be done to stop the seemingly endemic flurry of shootings in Hartford so far this year? I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure blaming the state and holding a rally isn’t the answer. That seems to be Mayor Pedro Segarra’s only response to the problem (and even those ideas came late).

According to statistics, shootings are up 33 percent since this time last year. Think about that for a moment. There have been a third more shootings to date than in 2014 including five people fatally shot in the last two weeks.

Segarra held a news conference last Friday to lament how the state isn’t giving the city enough money. He continued by saying, “To those that are engaging in violence, stop the violence…” Yeah, that’ll do it. I’m sure those with a gun intent on using it will think twice now.

Pedro segarra
Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra


But wait, there’s more. If telling people to “stop the violence” doesn’t work, the rally the mayor announced Monday surely will, right? “The Capital City’s Rally for Peace & Progress” will be held Wednesday at the John C. Clark Elementary School playground at the corner of Barbour and Elmer Streets from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm. The mayor would like you to wear orange and he’ll give you a pin to wear. Orange is supposed to be worn on National Gun Violence Awareness Day which is actually Tuesday but why start being timely now?

The wave of shooting is frightening. The mayor’s proclamation to “Stop the violence” didn’t work. Two more people were shot Sunday.

Perhaps we can employ the tactic used in 2009 when the city declared a “ceasefire.” The only problem with that is by definition cease-fires have an end. So send more state money, wear orange and everything will be fine.