Conn. Legislative Democrats, Governor Completely Miscalculate How Budget Deal Would be Received

They totally blew it. They got it wrong. They had it backfire. The budget deal put together by Democratic legislative leaders and Gov. Dannel Malloy revealed Monday has alienated just about everyone—including many Democrats. Big-time corporations like Aetna and Travelers insurance companies and GE are threatening to leave the state. The response from middle- and low-income folks who see their property tax credit reduced and parents on the HUSKY-A health insurance program who see the eligibility requirements tightened ranges from disappointed to aghast.

Some Democrats in the legislature, particularly in the House, are freaking out, which is sent leaders back to the table to try a quick fix. It won’t work. They should forget about the Wednesday at midnight adjournment deadline and resign themselves to having a special session to get it right.

An attempt to rush the budget through now—even with changes to ease the burden on major employers and the middle class—would simply encourage a “no” from all Republicans and maybe enough worried Democrats to defeat it. It was also take precious time away from debating and voting on other important bills. A debate on a budget now could carry right through until the deadline.

The response to the budget once details came out went national with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough, who live in Connecticut, ripping the plan.

The real challenge now is get it right and not just patch it up. Major changes and thoughtful deliberations are needed. Perhaps labor should be asked to step up—not for new concessions but to realize the savings the last set of concessions was supposed to produce.

Any way one looks at it, it’s a disaster for the Democrats. They’re supposed to have media experts to tell them what the response to budget deal would be. Either they don’t have staffers with those skills or they chose to simply ignore the advice.

Anecdotally, from The Shad’s Facebook which blew up Tuesday, there are many Democrats upset about the budget deal.

Get back in the room and come up with a plan the people and businesses of the state can live with and can pass the full legislature!