EXCLUSIVE: Former Candidate for Governor McKinney: Malloy Lied on the Campaign Trail

Former state Senate Minority Leader and one-time Republican gubernatorial candidate John McKinney says Gov. Dannel Malloy lied when he promised voters during the 2014 campaign that he wouldn’t raise taxes in the new budget now being discussed.

In an interview with The Hanging Shad, McKinney was asked if the governor had in fact lied. “Of course he did,” McKinney said. “I believe every Democrat [in the legislature] knew they were going to raise taxes and the governor knew he was going to raise taxes. It was campaign pandering. It’s now acceptable in today’s politics,” he said.

McKinney says the problems began at the very beginning of the process. “The governor gave the legislature a horrible budget [proposal]. It wasn’t balanced and didn’t adhere to the spending cap. That’s what opened the door.”

McKinney, who lost the Republican nomination in a primary to former Ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley, said the problems with the state’s corporations have been years in the making. “Four years ago, I had some very unpleasant conversations with the same companies that are speaking out now. I was surprised by the GE statement but their frustration has been building.”

The hit corporations would take and the reduction of the property tax credit may not stand. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they to try to get those to go away,” McKinney said.