‘Morning Joe’ Talks to the Wrong Republicans, Sharkey Misses the Mark

Connecticut resident and MSNBC host “Morning Joe” Scarborough was back at it Wednesday morning, ripping Democrats for their budget deal (video will be posted when it’s available). The network sent a reporter to Hartford to talk to some critics. The problem is they spoke to the very last people they should have talked to if they wanted a fair accounting of what’s going on. They also spoke to the Speaker of the House who continued the misleading claim that the middle class is protected in this deal.

On camera, “Morning Joe” spoke to state Sen. Scott Franz, a rich guy from Greenwich. He will protect fellow rich guys at all costs. They also spoke to state Rep. Joe Markley who has been branded in this space as “approaching half-a-whack-job status.”

House Minority Leader Themis Klarides was also interviewed which made sense until she felt the need to bring up paid family leave. That’s a settled matter and a law the majority of Connecticut residents support. The state is a leader on that one.

Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey disappointed in his short sound bite. He continued to say the middle class is protected in this agreement. They’re not. Their property tax credit (used to ease the income tax burned) was reduced. The eligibility for HUSKY A has been squeezed and the sales tax was increased and covers more services.

“Morning Joe” Scarborough says he invited Gov. Dannel Malloy to appear on the show but said he was told Malloy was too busy.


The sales tax is the most regressive tax the state has. The person making minimum wage pays the same tax as aforementioned rich guy Sen. Franz.

“MJ” also ran the clip of Gov. Dannel Malloy making the pledge to not raise taxes. It was at the WFSB-TV debate with Republican Tom Foley at St. Joseph’s College last fall.

The end of session looms tonight at midnight. If they do the budget before then, it will suck all the time needed for other important bills. A special session is needed to do it properly.