FOX-61’s Laurie Perez, host of “The Real Story,” scored a sort of “double play” Sunday by having the two likely candidates for US Senate in consecutive segments.

Republican Lind McMahon, who has to get through a primary, appeared just after her likely opponent Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

McMahon, as she has been doing, looked right past her primary a week from tomorrow. She faces petitioning candidate Peter Schiff and resurgent former US Rep. Rob Simmons. McMahon dismissed the fact the Hartford Courant endorsed Simmons.

The former wrestling executive gave what is to this point, the best explanation for why she thinks voters can get past her wrestling background. She said they need to separate the content—which she called “an action-adventure soap opera”—from the business end which she helped turn into a international success.

McMahon said she supports extending the Bush tax cuts—even for the very wealthy—saying that raising taxes at this point hurts everyone. She also said “it was shame” that the federal government was suing the state of Arizona over its controversial immigration law.