In an interview Sunday on FOX-61’s “The Real Story” hosted by Laurie Perez, Democratic nominee for US Senate Richard Blumenthal brought up mortgage company Countrywide as an example of companies from which consumers need protection—and that he’d fight against. Mentioning Countrywide, even in passing, was at least interesting because the company’s cut-rate mortgages to US Sen. Chris Dodd are seen as part of the reason Dodd’s decided to retire.

In response to Perez’ questioning, Blumenthal said he would voted against President Obama’s bailouts because they don’t help small business. He twice mentioned the bailout money he says is going to big pharmaceutical companies and big oil and gas interests.

Blumenthal also tried to clear up an issue that likely opponent Republican Linda McMahon has been using in a campaign ad. He reiterated that he never took contributions from political action committee (PACs) when running for state attorney general. But now that he is in a race for US Senate, he has and will accept such donations because it’s a different playing field and McMahon has pledged to spend up to $50 million of her own fortune on the race. McMahon’s Stepford Wives ad (the second one with the two white, Fairfield County women discussing the race) says Blumenthal pledged not to accept money in the current race. That is simply false.