Indiana Tries to Capitalize on Conn. Tax Increases; Takes Out Full-Page Ad in WSJ for its Pitch

The fallout from the new state budget continues as the state of Indiana takes out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal trying to move in on Connecticut’s corporations.

The WSJ has been particularly harsh on Connecticut for raises taxes and increasing the tax liability on corporations.


The immediate thought is that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is slapping Gov. Dannel Malloy for Malloy’s state boycott of Indiana after it passed a law that was viewed as anti-gay. The Indiana legislature—and Pence—wised-up and changed the law. Pence is obviously still hurting over it.

As The Hanging Shad reported Tuesday, Connecticut Business and Industry President Joe Brennan will be meeting with Gov. Dannel Malloy this week. His goal is to change things in the upcoming special session of the legislature. Malloy has said he is open to ideas on the issue.