For the past six years, every time something happened that Gov. Rell didn’t like, she was almost always “disappointed.” Whether it is a bill that she would veto, an employee that broke the rules, a federal ruling that adversely affected the state, or a loss by a UConn sports team—the governor was inevitably “disappointed.”

Now, with her days as governor winding down, it turns out “disappointed-itis” is contagious. In her veto message on the campaign finance reform “fix” bill, the governor was, predictably, disappointed. Speaker of the House Chris Donovan was, “disappointed” in the governor for her veto. Even candidate for governor Dan Malloy issued a statement on the veto in which he said he was…wait for it… that’s right, “disappointed” in the governor’s veto.

The Shad will be “disappointed,” let down, dissatisfied, upset, saddened, frustrated or thwarted if everyone who writes news releases doesn’t get access to a thesaurus.