The much talked-about, finally-agreed-to-debate between the two candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor takes place this afternoon at the WFSB-TV (Channel 3) studios in Rocky Hill. Party-endorsed candidate Dan Malloy and Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont will square off in the much-anticipated forum.

The debate will air on WFSB-TV at 3pm tomorrow afternoon. It will be shown on Eyewitness News NOW at 7pm and again on CPTV and WNPR at 8pm.

The lead-up to the debate may be more interesting than the actual debate itself. After the first debate, on WVIT-TV (Channel 30), most observers thought Malloy showed a better command of the issues, Lamont refused to participate in another one-on-one, televised debate (although he is still trying to sell the line that the two have had 27 debates—no one’s buying). But after some nasty back and forth from each side on the other’s experience and fitness to be governor, Lamont changed his mind. That, and the chance of Malloy getting a free hour of TV to himself convinced Lamont to go along.