Conn.’s Largest Pro-Gun Group Wants Share of Aurora, Co. Blood Money

Just when you thought maybe people had enough of guns, Connecticut’s largest gun-happy group is actively seeking money from a court settlement connected to the Aurora, Colorado shooting that severely wounded former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence had sued several firearms makers saying they failed to properly assess Colorado movie theatre gunman James Holmes when Holmes bought guns from them online. The weapons were used in the murder of 12 people and the wounding of 70 others in the infamous killing spree.

James Holmes
James Holmes, accused in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre.

The Brady Campaign lost its legal action and the tone deaf judge in the case awarded the killing-enabling companies damages. One of them, Luck Gunner, is offering to share its slice of the of murder pie with groups that win an election of sorts. The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) is fervently seeking the blood money. The group is urging its members to “vote” for it online.

“Lucky Gunner has graciously offered to donate their share of the settlement (when they get it) to various gun rights groups such as CCDL,” wrote an official with the group. “They will determine how much each group gets by the number of votes each group gets in a poll on their website. These are all deserving groups, but we ask that you please go and vote for CCDL. As a 100% donation driven non-profit organization (501c4), even a small share would help us to continue to our fight to protect and restore YOUR rights here in Connecticut.” How pathetic.

Lost on the CCDL is Lucky Gunner’s connection to Aurora. The massacre sent shock waves through the nation and embarked Giffords and her husband Mark to start a campaign to end gun violence. They’ve visited Connecticut several times in remembrance of the massacre of school children in Sandy Hook.

Imploring people to “vote” for CCDL to get the movie-theatre-shooting connected blood money is wretched but should be a wake-up call for everyone, particularly in the wake of the racist murder spree in South Carolina. (CCDL made its request of its member before the S.C. murders but it’s highly doubtful it would have made a difference.)

Many people of the nation in general and Connecticut in particular have to make the connection between easily accessible guns and murder sprees. What will it take?