FBI: Berkshire County, Mass. Man Planned Terrorist Attack on “State University”

The FBI says an Adam, Massachusetts man was planning a terrorist attack against a “state university” targeting dorms and cafeterias. Law enforcement did not say which school was in the sites of Alexander Ciccolo but the closest would be the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. At least one report said the school was out of state. The 23-year old estranged son of a veteran Boston Police officer was arrested by federal authorities after he received delivery of four weapons on the Fourth of July weekend.

Ciccolo, also known as Ali Al Amriki, was said to be inspired by the Islamic State and was allegedly modeling his attack on the Boston Marathon bombings. The FBI said Ciccolo also purchased a pressure cooker like the one used in marathon attacks.

The suspect moved to Adams when he was a teenager. The small, sleepy town of less than 9,000 is nestled near Mt. Greylock in northern Berkshire County. Serious crime is foreign to the community. From 2003 to 2012 there were no murders and four robberies.

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