Former Stamford Democrat Mayor Dan Malloy has moved within five points of businessman Ned Lamont and former ambassador Republican Tom Foley is clinging to his lead over Lt. Gov. Mike Fedele and economic development professional Oz Griebel in the latest Quinnipiac poll on the race for governor out this morning.

The most significant numbers in the survey are those of likely voters who could change their minds before Tuesday’s primary. Forty-three percent of Democrats and a whopping 62-percent of Republicans could change their vote.

Malloy has been gaining on Lamont in each survey—he now trails by just five-percent—and has the momentum to pull off a victory. The poll was taken before this week’s debate in which Lamont held his own. Malloy has also been nearly sweeping the state’s newspapers’ endorsements. This one is up for grabs.

In the Republican race, Foley is hanging on despite a barrage of negative ads by Fedele (in a new ad out today, Fedele also slams Griebel which in an odd way, is good news for Griebel—he was being ignored previously). Foley leads Fedele 41 – 26, while Griebel increases to 13-percent.

When it comes to Democrat-Republican match-ups, the numbers right now say we’ll have a Democrat governor. Of course November is a life-time away in an election.
• Lamont tops Foley 46 – 33 percent;
• Lamont over Fedele 48 – 33 percent;
• Lamont beats Griebel 50 – 27 percent;
• Malloy over Foley 46 – 31 percent;
• Malloy beats Fedele 47 – 30 percent;
• Malloy tops Griebel 50 – 25 percent.
With just five days to go before the primary nearly all the major races are very, very close and will be decided in these closing days.