I had the opportunity to co-host with Laurie Perez two segments of this week’s edition of The Real Story on FOX-61. It took me back to my journalist roots—getting to ask the questions and try to draw out information.

The first segment of the show featured Laurie interviewing candidate for US Senate Rob Simmons. To say Simmons was on his game would be an understatement. He was quick, funny, concise—just like a fresh, new candidate which, well, he is. As he did in an appearance on Face The State (Channel 3), he used his Vietnam Service Ribbon as a prop to take an obvious shot at Dick Blumenthal, the Democratic nominee.

Segment two was Laurie and I interviewing Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Fedele. I tried my best to get him to commit to running only positive TV ads in the closing days of the race. He tried to convince us that his ads claiming frontrunner Tom Foley bankrupted a company and destroyed a town in Georgia, were not “negative.” Sure.

Finally, we interviewed secretary of state candidate Gerry Garcia of New Haven. He’s a young, smart (undergrad and MBA from Yale), idealistic and energetic candidate—actually, just what the state needs. He is in an uphill battle against state House Majority Leader Denise Merrill.

The show airs Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. on FOX -61. Thanks to Laurie for including me and to the others in the studio who came to see the show.