Conn. Senate Democrats ‘Polled’; Veto Overrides Seem Unlikely

The leaders of the state Senate Democrats took the temperature of their caucus members Thursday and while no final decision has been made, a move to override any of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s vetoes seems unlikely. The veto session is set for Monday but may turn into a simple gavel-in, gavel-out affair.

State Sen. Beth Bye’s thoughts about an override effort seem to be the norm among her colleagues. Bye says if she wanted an override, it would be on the veto of the bill that would set minimum qualifications for the education commissioner. “We have qualifications for teachers. We have qualifications for superintendents…so that’s the one I’d like to be on,” she said.

But like some of her fellow Democrats, the desire to push the governor on this one may not be strong enough. “In the larger scheme of things, the governor signed the vast majority of the bills that reached his desk, including some that I know for a fact he didn’t like,” she said. “So on balance, it was a good session in terms of the governor signing our bills.”

Although they won’t say it publically, the hard political truth is that Gov. Malloy will be there for the next legislative session and the one after that. Honk off the governor by voting to override and a legislator may not see future initiatives go anywhere.

Malloy has a reputation of never forgetting real or perceived slights. So fellow Democratic lawmakers can vote to override one of his vetoes at their own peril.