The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

zamboni water fill only

Here are some odds and ends piling up on my virtual desk:

1. Trying to take in some more entertainment this past weekend. First, we went to see the documentary “Amy” on the life and death of the eponymous Amy Winehouse. The mercurial and fatally troubled jazz/pop singer was a lesson in how addiction can overpower the most successful and most talented, particularly when those around the addicted have other motives. The movie was both troubling and tender. It’s worth seeing.

2. We then took in the Foo Fighters with special guests the Drop Kick Murphys at Fenway Park. It was very weird being in baseball’s most beloved ballpark and there not be a game.

The DKMs are Boston’s own and they didn’t disappoint. Closing their set with “Shippin’ Up to Boston” and then “Dirty Water,” they are original Boston bad asses.

The Foo Fighters exceeded my expectations. It was more of a “show” than just a concert. Front man Dave Grohl is part madman and part goofball. I was only a casual fan but they certainly swayed me Saturday night.

Grohl broke his foot falling off the stage earlier in the band’s tour. He then had the road crew build a special, moveable throne of sorts so he could keep his foot still. That didn’t stop the rest of him from rockin’ out.

Quite possibly the highlight of the show was when Grohl brought his orthopedic doctor, Dr. Lewis Schon, on stage to do a song. It was unreal and it took some convincing on my part to believe it was really his doctor. It was.


2. What’s the world record for holding a grudge or a perceived (v. real) slight? Union suck pump Jonathan Pelto has to be closing in on it.

Zamboni. For no damn earthly reason.
Zamboni. For no damn earthly reason.

3. Has anyone else noticed what I think is the new phenomena of people (both on TV and in everyday conversation) punctuating statements with, “right?” This happens everywhere from the subway to “Meet the Press.” Do we all need validation after every sentence?

4. Should I be concerned that El Chapo had a better underground transportation system than the MBTA?

El Chapo's "motorcycle" escape vehicle.
El Chapo’s “motorcycle” escape vehicle.

5. I think I might make this a regular feature on “AON.” From my friend and fraternity brother, comedian John Alston:

That’s our girl. Rachel’s [Dolezal] back! Now America can get back to worrying about what’s important.

If ‪Donald Trump‬ had a nickel for every time he said something stupid, ignorant, insensitive or egotistical, he could have bailed out 3 of his casinos.

Even ‪Ashley Madison‬ says ‪Bill Cosby‬ drugged her and took her personal information.

Everyone is talking about the video of the pro surfer being attacked by a shark. but John points out that another famous surfing incident is on tape: