Is this Guy for Real? Ganim ‘Asks’ Malloy for State Troopers for Bridgeport

Even though he has absolutely no official standing to do so, convicted felon and current mayoral candidate Joe Ganim is asking Gov. Dannel Malloy to authorize state trooper support for Bridgeport because of what Ganim called, “an onslaught of senseless violence.” To be fair, Ganim has the same right as every other convicted citizen to petition Malloy for relief. It also shows the cojones only a bribe-taking shakedown artist like Ganim could possibly have.

Ganim, who wrote to Malloy “as a concerned citizen,” has made a cottage industry out of politicizing tragedy in the city in his anything-goes effort to return to the scene of his crimes—the mayor’s office.

Ganim wrote that “it’s hard to argue crime is down” in Bridgeport. Um, no, “Break It Off Joe,” it’s not hard at all. The facts are the facts. Serious crime in Bridgeport is down. Last year alone, the Park City experienced a 21-percent drop in violent crime. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems—there are; and current Mayor Bill Finch is doing what real leaders do. He is taking steps to reduce crime even further. All this won’t stop Ganim from squeezing every political advantage possible out of other people’s tragedy.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch (L) and Gov. Dannel Malloy
Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch (L) and Gov. Dannel Malloy

Dragging Malloy into his own quest for possible recidivism is a miscalculation on Ganim’s part. The governor just this week endorsed Finch so it’s unclear whether Ganim is trying to put Malloy on the spot or seriously thinks the governor will respond. If it’s the former, Ganim’s dumb. If it’s the latter, he’s delusional.

In any event, the thought here is Ganim would rather have the crime rate increase if he can use it to his political advantage rather than any real concern for the victims or their families.