Conn. State Rep. Dubitsky Recipient of Dubious Award from Gun Group

One would think in the state where 20 children and six were massacred by a crazed gunman, common sense gun control laws wouldn’t be hard to pass. One significant obstructionist to these laws is state Rep. Doug Dubitsky (R-Chaplin) who has gone and won himself the “Legislator of the Year Award” from Connecticut’s largest organization of gun crazies.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (named so because they are defending themselves against deer and the like?) referenced Dubitsky’s work against legislation that would have taken guns away from people who have restraining orders against them for domestic violence. Imaging that—not wanting people who have to be restrained after a domestic violence incident to have firearms.

Sometimes it’s just mind blowing the degree to which some people and organizations will go to keep guns in the hands of just about anyone—they want no expanded background checks, no additional restrictions at gun shows, no tightening of the amount of ammo one can have in one clip (if you haven’t bagged the turkey with a 10-round clip, chances are you’re are not going to with more).

The CCDL said of their honoree, “Doug queried those who testified about ‘Due Process concerns’ and followed both of these bills right to the end of the legislative session” Wait. They’re giving awards for showing up? Wow.

The group added, “Doug was also instrumental in killing language harmful to gun owners in the 2nd Chance Society bill that passed in the special session this year.”

In other words, Rep. Dubitsky was instrumental in making sure you can keep you AR-15 even if you just slapped around your wife and you’re worked yourself into a rage.

That’s just great.